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Are we taking life too seriously?

  Do you agree? Laughter has proven medical and psychological benefits. It reduces stress, improves breathing and circulation and helps build relationships especially in social situations. In business it can improve creativity and performance as well as reducing sickness absence by improving staff wellbeing.   We all know how we […]

Worrying and Snowballs

Are you finding it harder to get off to sleep or get a good night’s rest? Worrying about problems? Sometimes we all go through periods of increased anxiety, caused by money, work, relationships or other life events. A lot of anxiety is made worse by over thinking it. An anxious […]

Could Facebook be making you depressed?

Now, a new study in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology finds that not only do Facebook and depressive symptoms go hand-in-hand, but the mediating factor seems to be a well-established psychological phenomenon: “Social comparison.” The study discovered a link between the amount of time on Facebook and […]

Success comes from inside first

It is a well know fact that  the most successful people, in whatever they do, self-appreciate themselves. This is not arrogance or big-headedness (is that a word?) It is a form of success gratitude. Being grateful to yourself for your successes and even your mistakes can help your resilience and […]