The Master of Pairs

Have you wondered how your mind turns the millions of different signals coming in to your eyes, ears and other senses?

Have you ever considered how you only seem to see what you believe is true ?

The mind is designed to filter the literally billions of pieces of sensory information that comes in from the world every second so that we can operate effectively. It does this filtering based upon your beliefs. Our beliefs are grown over the years of our development, some are given to us by those who helped us to become who we are today, other beliefs we create ourselves based upon our experiences.

The mind is expert at filtering how we perceive the ‘outside’ world and it shows us what we are asking for, through our preferences and expectations (beliefs.)

Its like a game of ‘pairs’ or ‘snap’, the first card is yours – your preference, your desire.

Remember thought, the mind will always get a match, it is so powerful at filtering the senses that it can ALWAYS match your preferences. So if your preferences are for difficulties, hardship or ‘not wanting this or that’ or avoiding, then that is what the mind will show you the world contains.

You have the power in drawing the first card!

With mindfulness and tuning your thinking to what you DO desire, what you PREFER and what you BELIEVE, you know what the second card will be, don’t you?

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How your mind will always work to match your view of the world to your thoughts and desires.