Testimonials and Recommendations

“I have known Tim for over 3 years now on a professional basis. He is very professional, always extremely positive and very approachable. I have always felt very comfortable in his presence, and have experienced his yoga laughter and reiki healing, which I can highly recommend. He is extremely knowledgable and had a very caring and nurturing disposition and is therefore very well suited to his chosen field. I wouldn’t hesitate to go to Tim for a reiki treatment, nor would I hesitate to recommend him myself. You can trust that you are in very safe hands.”

Helen Hoyte, Reiki Master, & Complementary Therapy Tutor.

“I felt so happy after talking with Tim, I realised that I was ok.” L, Devon

“A wonderful man who listens and helped me to find the inner me.” C, Devon

“We cried, we laughed but most of all it was magic how I felt so much better than I did.” W, Cornwall

“Our department really came together and had a great time. The results were amazing.” L, Public Sector departmental head.

“Tim’s workshop session felt really powerful and had a really positive effect on me.” S, Exeter.

“I have just woken up and I feel great I have that feeling I used to have. I have that feeling back where the world is an amazing place with many people to meet and enjoy the miracles of life the childlike outlook I had has returned where anything is possible and I am possible the feeling that no matter what I am a survivor and all is well in my world again a feeling of certainty the feeling of abundance of good feelings has returned feelings of peace, my self esteem is good now I have taken every step to get to this point my thinking and thoughts are better.” BL – Gloucestershire
I am pleased to share some of the recommendations and testimonials from clients and business partners

“Tim epitomises the entire happiness movement! But don’t get the wrong idea – he’s certainly not a crystal-wielding tie-dyed new-ager… Tim is the consummate professional. A communications and training expert, suited and booted, and from all rungs of his corporate ladder, he’s brought “happiness as a business concept” into major organisations, and works with people across the board from parents (happiness in the home) through to top board directors.  I whole-heartedly commend Tim as a transformational business coach, personal one-to-one coach and a team-management asset.”

S.H Devon

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