Success comes from inside first


It is a well know fact that  the most successful people, in whatever they do, self-appreciate themselves.

This is not arrogance or big-headedness (is that a word?)

It is a form of success gratitude. Being grateful to yourself for your successes and even your mistakes can help your resilience and foster a success tuned life.

Many of us chastise ourselves constantly for not achieving this, or failing at that, or not meeting the needs of others, and this is really unhelpful and if we did it to others, we would see it as unkind. So why do we do it to ourselves?

My answer is – WHO CARES!

No truly, WHO CARES.

Stop looking for the why we do it, because that’s more of the same!

Start looking at the small things you are pleased with yourself for. Do it many times during the day.

The more you do this the more automatic it will be to be pleased with yourself doing the with the big stuff. (By the way, the big stuff is really lots of small stuff together)

Success on the outside starts with recognising success on the inside, and being grateful for it.

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