Steps to an abundance mindset

invite a mind of expansion

So why when cash is short, do we adopt a poverty complex instead of an abundance mindset?

“Oh no I haven’t got enough money, I will look to cutting back” – sounds like a diet to me. Problem with diets is – THEY DON’T WORK generally.

The human mind is not great at giving up, cutting back or letting go of stuff it is attached to.

The human mind is great at solutioning, thinking, creating, expanding.

So lets not put into a box to shrink and die.

Let us let it grow and expand with possibility.

We are surrounded by possibility and evidence of abundance. From the vastness of the sky, to the ever shining sun, the billions of people all over the Earth, the plants, animals, the air we breathe.

Let your eyes rest upon it, be grateful by placing your attention on its existence.

Let us take more breaths in, expand our lungs, enliven our mind and shift towards an abundance mindset. Draw in more air, attract more energy, grown, open and expand my friend.