How did I get into this?

People ask me sometimes how I got into mindfulness, meditation and laughter yoga.

I had a good childhood, loving parents, no trauma or family breakdowns. I succeeded at school, got promoted early during an engineering apprenticeship and I have held interesting, influential jobs. So far, I have never lost a job, been made redundant or sacked. (Still time!) I have a beautiful loving wife and two amazing healthy sons.

I’m no Tony Robbins or Louise Hay, yet beneath this ‘normal’ life my mind has been at times the most ferocious companion. The least compassionate friend, the disappointed parent and un-pleasable boss.

Any opportunity for failure has been the focus of my mind. Even when success fills the movie screen, my mind has spotted the unlikely final fall at the end to focus upon. Even when all is well, my mind has tried to fill the blue sky with dark thundery clouds.

The same mind has sought out peace from this search for the negative. Bizarrely the same mind desires the breath out from the stream of unhelpful thoughts. Without self-compassion, this turns into a un-winnable conflict where the opponents cause equal harm on themselves with every strike.

Through an interest in psychology, psychiatry (at aged 10!), Buddhism, training, coaching, NLP, holistic therapies, mindfulness and meditation – my mind is clearer, and I realise I am no victim to a mind untapped.

I have realised that through no fault of anyone during my early years, my mind grew a tendency to seek out concerns and fears, despite evidence to the contrary. That with kind, compassionate, loving application of the tools of the wise from the present and the past, I can choose my thoughts. I can influence how I feel (without buying stuff or getting drunk!)

I know I am not unique in this journey. I know the journey is not complete. I have realised that when my mind says its all my problem and no-one can help, then it is time to reach out and call for help. A mind without choice is a lonely place indeed.

Thats why I meditate, why I want to help. The biggest part of this story was being aware of the tools that have been out there for generations. The choices that are at hand. The way through the thinking to living.

Now my minds hug each other more, with self-compassion and trust. There is only one mind and I realise its not where I think it is. Through learning and practicing I am more in touch with it than ever, which means a life more balanced, loving and peaceful.

Living happens whether you spend it thinking or not. Sometimes its better to get on living!

If you have got to the end of this post, thank you.

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