TMprofile3H2H Meditations 


These meditations are free for you to enjoy and support your mindfulness practice.


All these guided meditations are now available in Insight Timer – and also now on SoundCloud

 February 2016 – The Mind Of Possibilities Meditation


A quiet mind is open to possibilities, this meditation helps to create a mind of possibilities so that you can create and solve any problems you might have.


December 2015 – The Time Machine Meditation




Experience the Time Machine Meditation to find the moment of calm and peace that exists beneath all moments.This meditation allows us to explore the idea of time and how through mindfulness we can become more present. It has a period of quiet to allow you to reach greater depth of meditation.

I hope you enjoy this and thank you for your comments. I love making these 🙂


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November 2015 – The Five Principles Meditation




The five principles of Reiki help us all to live peacefully and find more happiness in every moment. This short meditation allows us to take a short timeout of our day and reflect upon these powerful principles.


October 2015 – Walking Meditation




We don’t need to be lying down or in the lotus position to get the benefits of mindful meditation. This meditation uses walking and the sounds around us to help you to become mindful on the move.