Could Facebook be making you depressed?

Now, a new study in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology finds that not only do Facebook and depressive symptoms go hand-in-hand, but the mediating factor seems to be a well-established psychological phenomenon: “Social comparison.”

The study discovered a link between the amount of time on Facebook and depression, and considers that where social / life comparisons are being made by the Facebook reader, depression is much more prevalent.

Remember one of the keys to Happiness is avoiding making comparisons and judgements. Facebook is great for connecting with people and making new friends, but if you are finding that you are comparing your life to others’ , it might be time to put your time to other things.

The trouble with comparisons is that they are always skewed. Skewed by how you are feeling right now, how you perceive another and what you think is ‘missing’ in your life right now.

A healthy alternative is to start a gratitude helta-skelta. Start at the top with something you have or are experiencing right now and be grateful for it. Feel glad for it. Then imagine the person who made the thing or contributed to the experience and feel grateful for them. Then feel grateful for the circumstances of how the thing or experience came to you. Keep feeling grateful for more and more things and experiences.

Another healthy tactic when you notice yourself comparing with the fortune of others, is to be joyful FOR them. Joyful that they are experiencing a new car, a new house, a holiday etc. Feel joy FOR THEM and you will create joy IN YOURSELF.

Smiles to you.