How did I get into this?

People ask me sometimes how I got into mindfulness, meditation and laughter yoga. I had a good childhood, loving parents, no trauma or family breakdowns. I succeeded at school, got promoted early during an engineering apprenticeship and I have held interesting, influential jobs. So far, I have never lost a […]

Did you grow up with the idea that joy best comes later? Did you grow up with the idea that joy of all kinds is to come after some task or chore is completed? Do you believe that joy and happiness can be put off until the weekend or retirement […]

Worrying and Snowballs

Are you finding it harder to get off to sleep or get a good night’s rest? Worrying about problems? Sometimes we all go through periods of increased anxiety, caused by money, work, relationships or other life events. A lot of anxiety is made worse by over thinking it. An anxious […]